Why SCENERGY? It Delivers Value.

Budgeting for New Technology - How SCENERGY Can Help

Purchasing and supply costs comprise the largest percentage of hospital budgeting considerations after labor expenses. According to a recent study conducted by Google, over 70% of hospital purchasing decisions are made to replace outdated technology and equipment, and approximately half of all purchasing decisions are made with the intention of reducing hospital costs. In this cost-conscious environment, there is little room left in the budget for new and innovative equipment, despite the fact it may reduce costs over time, since the newest technologies generally require significantly more upfront capital outlays than continuing to use outdated equipment. Decisions to purchase new capital equipment are made by forward-, long-term thinking buyers to support larger development strategies to decrease overall hospital costs and to help differentiate an institution from its competitors.

One of the first considerations purchasers make when contemplating capital equipment is whether the hospital will utilize the equipment sufficiently often to justify the cost of purchasing and maintaining it. Hospitals want to purchase equipment that will be actively employed, saving money with each use.

In addition, it is a priority to make purchasing decisions that reflect favorably on the institution and improve patient treatment and outcomes. Even though hospitals are typically paid the same for a procedure regardless of whether the equipment is new or old, administrators are more willing to make a large capital purchase if the technology can produce better patient-recognized outcomes. In fact, Google found that 60% of purchasers look to make purchasing decisions that improve outcomes.

Most importantly, administrators are keen on purchasing equipment that will save the hospital additional costs. Any technology that reduces the amount of time a physician spends on a procedure can be highly cost effective, as physicians’ time is extremely expensive. Technology that increases efficiency without compromising safety or performance is much more likely to be considered.

The CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY delivers value to any purchasing department:

  • Get image fusion on your existing equipment. If you want fusion, in most cases, you’ll need to invest in a new ultrasound machine. SCENERGY attaches to your current ultrasound transducer, meaning there’s no need to buy a new machine to gain fusion capability.

  • Drive physician acceptance by avoiding specialty instrumentation. Special needles are a hallmark of current EM-based fusion systems. SCENERGY allows physicians to use their choice of instruments, eliminating one barrier to physician acceptance within the department.

  • Maximize your CT suite efficiency. CT-guided procedures are done in Interventional Radiology’s dedicated CT suite.  But SCENERGY procedures can be done in many other lower-cost environments.

  • Limit CT radiation delivered to patients. Relative to multiple scans or CT-fluoros taken during most conventional CT-guided procedures, SCENERGY only needs one pre-procedural CT and (potentially) one post-procedural confirmation. Less radiation is always a good thing for patients, and something patients can easily understand.

To try out the SCENERGY or to speak with a sales representative, please contact CLEAR GUIDE MEDICAL at 443-267-8116 or sales@clearguidemedical.com.