Clear Guide Medical's Projector Patent Issues in Japan

Clear Guide Medical is pleased to announce that a 2009 patent invented by Clear Guide Medical co-founders Emad Boctor and Philipp Stolka has been allowed and registered in Japan. The patent is owned by Johns Hopkins University, and licensed exclusively to Clear Guide Medical. 

"It opens up a wide variety of technical opportunities to improve medical products and practice in imaging fields," said Philipp Stolka, Chief Technology Officer.  

One of the most interesting provisions in the patent is the use of a projector on an ultrasound probe, which enables on-patient instructions, graphical overlays, and depth sensing algorithms without the user needing to wear glasses or other intrusive accessories.  Other visionary directions include the ability to build mobile, screenless ultrasound devices which can project the ultrasound image directly onto the interventional site, which can seamlessly create 3D ultrasound volumes, which project anatomical guidance information onto the actual body location, or which show CT or MRI data by in-place fusion overlaid on the areas the ultrasound probe is imaging.