The CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY is an ultrasound/CT image fusion and navigation system for any ultrasound. Image registration, fusion, guidance - in real time.

The CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY combines your existing ultrasound machine with real-time, simple CT navigation in a modern, efficient multi-modality approach. Dynamic and static image modalities, instrument guidance, no calibration necessary - the CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY delivers image fusion that just works.

Our partner Carestream Health showcasing the SCENERGY (starting at 1:18).

How fast can the Clear Guide SCENERGY register ultrasound and CT/MRI? Very fast.

SCENERGY. Takes your ultrasound and CT or MRI imaging equipment into the future.

CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY Instrument Guidance

The CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY with Instrument Guidance tracks interventional instruments in-plane, out-of-plane, and anywhere - from outside the patient and shows onscreen how to angle the instrument to reach the defined target. No calibration is necessary, no special needles are required, and everything is mobile.

The CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY connects to an existing ultrasound machine and standard transducers, visually tracks interventional instruments from a probe-mounted optical head, and displays their paths in real time on the live ultrasound stream.

CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY - Orientation Material

The most important features of the CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY with Instrument Guidance, to bring new operators up to speed quickly.

CLEAR GUIDE SteriMASK - Orientation Material

How to install the CLEAR GUIDE SteriMASK covers for CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBEs quickly and efficiently.