Most urologists do not place their own access lines, but a recent study shows no significant outcome difference between access lines placed by urologists and interventional radiologists [1].

Multiple-Modality Image Fusion

With the CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY's Image Fusion, the clarity of CT makes seeing the target under ultrasound as easy as scrolling through a CT. Coupled with the easy-to-understand instrument guidance to help line up the instrument outside the body to arrive exactly where you want, the SCENERGY makes it possible for everyone to place an access line safely and efficiently.

Ultrasound Guidance

Only using ultrasound to place access lines? The CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY's Instrument Guidance gives the same easy-to-understand instructions to reach the target.  Awarded the Olympus Best Innovation Paper at the European Endourology Conference in 2017, the CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY's instrument guidance "significantly shortened the access time between skin puncture and target contact compared to conventional US (79.4 vs. 51.1 s; p=0.009) respectively".  Their Conclusion?  The CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY "has potential for improving patient safety during renal access and mass biopsy by reducing needle access time and course corrections, as well as making ultrasound guidance more available to a wider urologic audience."

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[1] Armitage et al., [2016]. "PCNL Access by Urologist or Radiologist: an Analysis of the BAUS PCNL Registry," J of Urology, vol 195 (4S).