Technology Comparison

How does Clear Guide visual tracking technology compare to other approaches?

The CLEAR GUIDE Optical Head observes the environment and tracks instruments based on their appearance. Neither tool or probe calibration nor sensor attachment is required. There is also no need for a cumbersome reference base.

electromagnetic (EM) freehand optical freehand magnetic freehand
(e.g. eZono 4000)
magnetic constrained
(e.g. AxoTrack)
mechanical constrained
(e.g. CIVCO)
external tracking base none required required none none none
track instruments anywhere up to half a meter within tracking area only close to transmitter only within line of sight only close to probe only along one line no
track instruments at any time immediately after sensor attachment and calibration after sensor attachment and calibration after needle preparation after probe assembly after bracket installation
track more than one instrument yes yes yes no no no
track any instrument any needle-like instrument; immediately only with attached sensors only with attached markers only certain metallic, short, needle-like instruments; after preparation only certain syringe needles no
track from any probe SuperPROBE head fits any probe n/a n/a probes with attached tracking unit only one probe model probes with attached mechnical guide
track instruments in- and out-of-plane within +/-45deg yes yes yes no no
tracks instrument tip with CLEAR GUIDE PercepTIP version of your preferred instrument yes yes yes yes, after configuration of compatible instrument no
registration/definition of instrument not needed necessary: sensor attachment, calibration necessary: marker attachment, calibration necessary: preparation, definition necessary: sensor attachment, needle length definition necessary: insertion angle definition

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