A future med-dev expert.

A future med-dev expert.

Everybody at CLEAR GUIDE MEDICAL is an expert in a field that is crucial for our shared success. Whether an engineering whiz, a tried-and-true experimenter, a regulatory fiend, a manufacturing expert, a business professional, or an organizational perfectionist, we love what we do.

If you want to participate in the growth of an up-and-coming medical device development company send a resume and cover letter to heisenberg[at]

Please note that we cannot answer all incoming requests. We will contact you as soon as possible if we see a possible opening!

Full-time Positions

We are currently seeking great sales people at all levels to help us get into the market. If you have medical device sales experience and are ready for the challenge of working with physicians and technology, contact Steve Maynard, Executive Vice President of Sales, at with a cover letter and CV.

We always love to hear about a good fit for other positions, and we do our best to make it work when we find great people. Let us know about you!


We often have internship positions available in a variety of different fields:

  • software development: image processing, number-crunching, mobile development, systems programming, administration ...
  • mechanical engineering: CAD, prototyping, electronics, ...
  • business: accounting, communications, ...
  • creative: product design, marketing, web design, ...

Let us know what you would be interested in!