Science Highlight: Clear Guide Medical featured on NIH/NIBIB website:
"From Concept to Commercialization: NIH supports new ultrasound system to guide minimally-invasive procedures"!

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No calibration, no markers, no special needles.

ONE - For clinical use »

EDU - For training »

Any ultrasound.

More and more image-guided interventions are performed under ultrasound guidance.

Imaging with ultrasound is safe, fast, and low-cost. The Clear Guide ONE ensures intervention success and consistent results.

Clear Guide makes guidance accessible. On any ultrasound.

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All the guidance.

Even with expert imaging and skillful operation, the question was "How to get to my target?".

Clear Guide technology effortlessly guides the operator, constituting a breakthrough in reducing distractions and attention splits.

Clear Guide makes guidance easy to learn. And to use.

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Reducing the footprint is one step towards simpler, more accessible interventions.

Clear Guide systems are small, portable, and can be used anywhere - in a clinic, hospital, or outpatient center.

Clear Guide makes guidance fit into a compact handheld unit.

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