Clear Guide Medical Receives FDA Clearance on First Product, the CLEAR GUIDE ONE!
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Science Highlight: Clear Guide Medical featured on NIH/NIBIB website:
"From Concept to Commercialization: NIH supports new ultrasound system to guide minimally-invasive procedures"!

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No calibration, no markers, no special needles.

ONE - For clinical use »

EDU - For training »

VET - For veterinary use »

On any ultrasound.

As more and more image-guided interventions are being performed under ultrasound guidance, the Clear Guide ONE ensures intervention success and consistent results.

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All the guidance.

Even with expert imaging and skillful operation, often the question is "How to get to my target?".
Now Clear Guide makes guidance easy to learn. And to use.

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Clear Guide systems are small, portable, and can be used anywhere - in a clinic, hospital, or outpatient center.
One step further towards simpler, more accessible interventions.

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